make mine a double

Repetition creates impact.  Repetition creates impact.  Repeti–no, not in writing.  That’s not a thing.  Visually, though….  I love to see multiples used to create one big statement.  Whether we’re talking about…

…Gerbera daisies in 5-gallon buckets…

…votives in a centerpiece…

…or miniature pots lined up on shelves, several of the same thing in a group can create one impressive look.  Does it translate to fashion?

You may not think so but I’ll tell you one thing: it sure was cozy!  And I’d do it again.  While we’re doing the “multiple” thing, here are two outfits I wore recently, both based on one amazingly comfy pair of pants.  (Thanks to my friend Natalie for helping me finally find the black leggings I’ve been searching for.)

And a dressier take…

Anybody else have ideas for styling leggings?  I prefer to avoid the following:

1. Ugg boots  (They are called “ugg” for a reason, at least according to the last sentence of the second paragraph of the “History” section of this article on Wikipedia.)

2. Collegiate sweatshirts.

3. Showing my bum.

Now that I’ve taken away most of the culturally popular options, do you still have any suggestions?  We can take comfy and make it classy, right?  Please tell me I’m right.

feelin’ sassy

One thing I would like you to know about this photo is that the smile is 100% real.  While posing for my tripod, I listened to Tina Fey’s Bossypants on CD.  She reads it herself.  It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if I read it from a page in my own interior voice.  There’s just something about Tina Fey’s delivery: her plosives…her parenthetical asides…they just wouldn’t be the same in my voice.  Anyway.  There’s the smile explanation.  (But fair warning: the book contains material that conservatives and children will find objectionable.)

Now for the outfit.  I started with the zebra scarf, found this fall at a consignment shop.  After that it was all about staying neutral and warm.  Hence the tank top (Charlotte Russe), sweater (Goodwill), skirt (Salvation Army), and leggings.  Flats would look dorky with these particular leggings, which are roomier than they seemed when I bought them.  Tall boots cover the baggy ankles just fine.

While black isn’t a very practical color for the flower shop, what with itty bitty bits of plant matter all over the place, by the end of the day this outfit hadn’t fared too badly.  It was warm and comfy.  That’s about all a girl could want, right?  At least I thought so.

Today’s reason for thanksgiving: My basic need for clothing is so far exceeded that instead of worrying about whether I have enough clothes for warmth, I can worry about whether my warmth looks stylish. What a luxury!