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Hi there. This is me with my hunky hubby.

You’ll see us on the blog from time to time, so allow me to introduce us.  I’ll start with Hubby.  He’s sort of like a hotter version of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  He studied chemistry, got a few jobs he didn’t love, then started over, this time studying computer engineering.  Now he has a job he looks forward to—a good thing for both of us!

He’s always teaching me something.  If we’re going to cook a new recipe, he looks up Alton Brown’s version before we start.  He likes action-oriented movies, especially those based on comic books and science fiction.  He loves to talk about technology, economics, and history.

Where he’s practical, I’m artsy.  I studied literature and consider myself proof that one can, in fact, gain employment with a Bachelor’s degree in English:  I worked at a public library for the four years following college.  On the flip side, I fit the stereotype that one cannot make a great living with a Bachelor’s degree in English but no graduate degree: to make ends meet, I also worked in a flower shop. Of course, our “ends” were a little farther apart than other people’s since we were putting Lovey through his second degree with cash. More on that here. Now he works at his “big boy” job while I tend the hearth fires and write the novel I’ve always said I’d write!

I also enjoy the outdoors, baking & cooking, decorating, and fashion, especially classic fashion with an emphasis on what works for my build.  We can’t all wear peplum skirts or harem pants.  (I’m actually of the opinion that most of us shouldn’t!)

If this is your first time reading this blog, you might like to know what to expect.  Most of the posts are about food, crafts, fashion, and home décor.  Sometimes they’re about marriage or money. The content may seem random–and in some ways it is–but intentionality is the thread that runs through it all.  We’re not even close to perfect, but we aim to decrease the clutter and increase the purpose in our lives.  Despite our differences, Lovey and I find unity in Christ, so we both want our lives to reflect values that our world doesn’t always embrace.  We’re questioning our culture’s concepts of “happiness” and “enough.”

I think I mentioned that we’re not perfect, right?  I see no benefit to airing dirty laundry, but you can feel confident that there is some!  Instead of focusing on that, this blog is meant to encourage you to make, do, or even be something you haven’t tried to before.  Initially I posted new content every Monday and Thursday, but this blog is in transition right now so I may not post on a strict schedule. I hope you’ll visit again soon!

Have a question?  You can ask in the comments (checked daily) or in an email (checked…probably not daily): simple.intentional{at}

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