new dining room

kitchen & living seen from diningThe dining room only has one “real” wall. One is open to the kitchen, with a built-in china cabinet and a telephone alcove. Another is open to the living room, with a door to the basement stairs. And a third boasts a window that looks onto the deck.

table and one chairIf you’re wondering why there’s only one chair at our table, that’s a story with several plot points. First of all, the chairs that came with this table had splayed legs that tended to tangle. We had talked about getting chairs with more vertical legs but hadn’t taken action. Secondly, one chair’s support broke when somebody kept leaning it onto its back legs. (To be fair, that somebody probably just finished a job that many previous leaners had started.) And finally, we were running out of room in our UHaul. A friend who was helping us pack offered to take the chairs to a thrift store, so we let them slip out of our lives. Replacing them is near the top of our list of things to do.

That’s probably the most interesting thing about this room, unless you’ve never seen a blue ceiling fan, in which case you should definitely take a look at this. (Whose idea was this?!)

blue ceiling fanOne helpful thing about this strangely modern fixture is that it reveals which pull is for the fan and which is for the light. This should be standard! So much guesswork and frustration could be avoided if more fans had this feature! (Or am I the only one who always guesses wrong the first time, and even spends time pulling the chain, then flipping the wall switch, then pulling the chain again?)

light and fan pullsFrom the dining room we can access the living room through a doorway or the basement through a door. I’m not going to show you the basement (ever!) because it’s just a basement. It’s dark and creepy and there may never be a stitch of decor down there. But the living room is coming up next!

view from dining into livingYou saw the yard and the kitchen, right? Just checking.

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  1. janene

     /  June 20, 2013

    I am glad your back to blogging aanndd your house looks so cute and put together! I cant wait to come visit again soon! xo.

    • Thanks…of course I just moved the junk for the pictures! But please come again; I know you won’t judge me for the things I cropped out. 🙂

  1. new living room | wellcrafted

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