sassy water

Caramel apples! Hot cocoa! Whipped cream!  Pumpkin bars! Cream cheese frosting!  Yeah, I could keep going but I better stop; I’m getting hungry.  Fall and winter bring us so many delicious things to eat that it can be hard to stay disciplined about health.

But there’s one healthy, sugar-free drink I actually enjoy.  The recipe, called “Sassy Water,” comes from the Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook.  I checked out the cookbook to get the Mediterranean Chopped Salad recipe, but I’ve made this recipe even more than that one.

sassy water ingredients

I throw cucumber and lemon slices, grated ginger root, and a few mint leaves in water and leave it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning I strain it and then–wahoo!–drinking water isn’t boring.

sassy water in decanter

Do you have any healthy recipes that still appeal to you when cupcakes and coffee cakes surround you?  Link to your favorite recipe in the comments!

how sweet it is

I can drink gallons of sweet tea by myself.  I wish I were kidding.  Sometimes I have to force myself not to pour another tantalizingly water-beaded glass of my beloved, nectar-sweet summer beverage.  But…I…want…it!  There are times I can restrain myself.  I down a wholesome glass of water.  (Blech.)  There are times when I give in.  Big time.

This weekend I went off the deep end.  What you see here is not only sweet tea, but sweet tea spun in a blender with lots of ice and some ginger simple syrup.*  Slices of lemon say, “Summer!”  Even though it’s not really summer, when I closed my eyes and sipped this drink, I believed what those little lemons were telling me.

iced tea with lemons

*Ginger Simple Syrup: measure equal parts water and sugar, as in any simple syrup.  Heat on the stove, stirring frequently, until the sugar dissolves.  Add grated fresh ginger and steep for several minutes.  When the scent is intense enough for you, strain the syrup into a container you can store in the fridge.