skip to my loo

Glowing living rooms? Check. Cozy kitchens? Check. Sweater-pillow-laden beds? Checkity-check-check. But what have we not seen amid the hundreds of home holiday-decor photos popping up on our screens and in our magazines?  Might it be, perhaps, the humble (whispers) bathroom?

little bathroom

Why not?  Why not brush my teeth in the presence of gold glitter?

glitter hurricane

Why not part my hair next to a citrus-bright picture (cut from the cover of a magazine)?

citrus picture, gold ornaments, green bow

It’s the little things that make life sweet.  Like the unexpected delight of a powder room prettied for the holidays.

tank and wall

happy holidays, everyone!

Lovey straightening top of tree

This is my official declaration that you should not expect much from me in the next few weeks.  Real life is so busy that virtual life must wait.  I hope you understand.

tableau with mirror, wooden vase & branches, silver platter, Russian doll, gold ornaments in cloche

I also hope, very much, that you have a real life of your own that you’re enjoying to the fullest at this colorful, sparkly, cozy time of year.

dining table with silver garland swag

Happy holidays to you and those you love.  Sign out and squeeze someone!

Xmas tree with blue & gold ornaments, white lights