a new coat

The new coat I’m referring to was for my shelf, not for me.  This is a $20 Walmart bookcase Lovey bought for his bachelor pad.  It’s heavy and poorly made–particle board, baby!–but it’s served its purpose for about five years and survived a couple of moves.  Not bad for furniture that cost a Jackson.  I invested a couple Washingtons into changing its look.  I learned the lazy way that I have to sand surfaces before painting them or all my work goes to waste.

sanded shelf ready to paint

So this time, with a sanding block that reeks of rubber (ew!), I took off what I hoped was enough of the laminate shine.  Then I covered the back of the shelf with orange spray paint, hoping to make the recesses of this big box “pop” instead of remaining in spooky shadow.  Seized by an impulse, I also painted the top and sides orange.

spray painting the shelf orange--on the balcony

Next, I hauled the thing indoors for its makeover.  I covered the day bed with a tarp and then leaned the bookcase against it so the maximum surface area lay exposed to my eager brush.

shelf-painting setup indoors

A little painter’s tape and some red lacquer later, here’s what I had:

adding red to the shelf

None of the pictures show it well, but on the sides and top there are areas where the orange shows through.  I thought that would add some interest to this piece and prevent it from looking like it was part of a set with the red bedside tables.

the shelf in its place

Right now the assortment of stuff in and around this shelf is very hodgepodge.  I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff that I don’t really need this shelf for anything but odds and ends, which doesn’t make for the nicest display.  I also have a hard time with accessories–I can dream up a scheme for furniture placement, textiles, paint, and all that, but when it’s time for art and tchotchkes I’m not sure what I want.  As you can see below, I’m experimenting with placement for some wall art.

the shelf in its context

Later today I’ll post one more minor change to the bedroom decor.  Look for that around lunch time!