new living room

Welcome to our new living room! This is what you see if you enter from the front of the house.

living room from the front doorThis is probably as good a time as any to show you the unusual front-entry setup, since that would make a boring post by itself. This is a shared foyer–I guess that’s what you’d call it–that you enter from the front step. (The blue door seen here; it’s only blue on the outside. Other fun fact: it only has a knob on the outside, thanks to Those-Who-Lived-Here-Before.) This shot is taken from our open living room door across the foyer to our neighbor’s door. You can see her mail slot and her letter on the floor. We have a slot on our side too.

shared entryHere’s the view from our welcome mat into our living room. Exciting, huh? I know you can barely contain yourself.

our entry  That door we just photographically passed through is at the top right of the photo below. This shot was taken from the direction of the dining room.

 living room as seen from the direction of the dining roomOpposite that large window, on the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen, is Lovey’s desk. (And what a desk it is!) He still has some equipment to unpack.

Lovey's desk areaOn the wall that hides the stairs, we have a small shelf, toys, and a box of stuff that needs a home. I’ll make this look better soon! The door on the left here could be closed to hide the stairs, but for now we’re leaving it open all the time. That may change this winter when we need to keep warm air upstairs.

shelf, play area near stair doorThe area at the foot of the stairs offers a row of hooks for jackets, hats, and scarves. It’s not exactly a coat closet (our big winter stuff is hiding upstairs) but it’ll do for us to keep the current season’s outerwear easily accessible.

front entry insideSo that’s it for the downstairs! Come back soon for a glimpse of the upstairs. In the meantime, if you missed anything, you can occupy yourself by exploring the yard, kitchen, and dining room.

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