There isn’t too much to these rooms so I think we can cover the upstairs in one day. It’s just a landing with a bathroom at the top and two bedrooms off to the side; there’s no hallway or anything. Ready to see?

This is what you see from the bigger bedroom’s doorway: bathroom on the left, office on the right. The stairs are to the left of where I stood to take this picture, so the stairwell shares its right-hand wall–on the ascent, anyway–with the bedroom we sleep in. (As opposed to the bedroom I use as my office, in case it sounds like I’m playing Captain Obvious here.)view of bath and office from bedroom {right of stairs}The bathroom looks like a bathroom; very exciting…. Although I have to say I really enjoy having natural light in the shower. That’s a new one for us.

sink and mirrorWe got a new faucet since this picture was taken a week ago. Now we have a shiny chrome knob on each side instead of the faceted plastic thingy, which I’m sure has an official name in the Plumbers’ Lexicon. (That exists, right?)

Moving on, here’s the other bathroom project that’s still underway: tile replacement. Two of the tiles in this area were cracked, sharp edges protruding, when we moved in. This was news to the landlord because the previous tenant kept a rug over them. I’m a fan of textiles everywhere except the bathroom, so I wasn’t planning any cover-ups. The landlord’s tile guy (an all-around handyman, really) has another full-time job working nights, so he comes on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon and evening hours. The first time he pulled out tile, he discovered that twelve were completely unmortared so he stuck ’em back down (seen below):

bathroom tileI trust that even the least tile-literate among you can tell that of all the adjectives that might describe that sight, “even” is not one that springs to mind. The diagnosis was bad mortar. (If there’s a Diagnosis Murder pun in there please extract it and send it to me; I couldn’t quite make it work. Thanks in advance.)

I’m making this story long. Let me wrap it up. He came back to re-mortar and three more tiles had come loose. He put down some kind of moisture-blocking base and mortared again. So for the better part of three weeks we’ve had to tiptoe around our toilet. The retiled area was a strictly off-limits area for the 24 hours after he mortared, but until he comes back to grout we’re still supposed to shield this 15-tile block from all moisture and avoid walking on it if we can. I’ll leave it to you to imagine how much more fun basic human functions have become. (SO much more fun!)

Here is my office. For real. I do work there. I am writing a book. Except that doesn’t feel like work, really. I’m waiting for the part where I smack myself in the forehead and say, “I knew that someday this was going to feel like torture!” But that hasn’t happened yet. Four chapters–yay!

As seen (sort of) in the bathroom/office shot at the beginning of the post, there is a window at the left end of my desk. At first I had my desk scooted toward that end of the room, but sitting in front of a window while trying to look at a laptop is pretty distracting, at least for me. Looking at a lamp that’s been the subject of about four painting-technique experiments? Not distracting at all.

desk in the officeBehind me to the right is a smaller window surrounded by built-in shelves and what, for a child, might function as a window seat. Oh, and not pictured is this room’s closet. It’s on the wall on the right in the photo below. I thought it would be my very own closet of crafty stuff, but actually most of my crafty stuff is out and the closet is holding our bulky coats, snow boots, etc. (It’s not very big.)

built-in in officeAcross the “hall” is our bedroom. You know, the bedroom where we sleep. This is what you can see of it from the hallway. I know I said there wasn’t a hallway–and there isn’t–but it’s just easier to call it that. Do you swoon for that reading nook or is it just me?

bed, dormer, table as seen from landingHere’s the other side of the room. Upon upload I realized that this was a blurry photo, but it’s nighttime now and I want to post this for the morning so I’m not waiting until I have a better photo. You get the idea. This was taken while standing in the dormer (you can see an edge of it at the top left), so there’s a window behind me as well as one at the head of the bed. Both have pretty curtains on them, but I guess those aren’t going to show up here.

Lovey's side of the roomAnd finally, this is the view from the head-of-the-bed area. I love it that we each have our own closet in this room. Why that matters, I don’t know; it just feels special. Like I could hide Christmas presents in there and he would never know. See? It’s fun.

my side of the roomWell, that’s all she wrote, ladies and gentlemen. It really is. I’ve decided that’s it for this little blog. I’ve enjoyed rambling at you, and I’m happy that you stayed around reading my ramblings. This doesn’t have to be the end of that.

After opening the door to our new house, I also open to you the doors to my new blog projects, should you choose to explore them. I already linked to one, My Itty Bitty Kitchen, in the kitchen post, but if you missed that here’s your second chance to see it. The other, Meta & Minutiae, is going to be even more random than this one. I’ll write about whatever I want, whenever I want, and I make no promises (Mom). Okay?

If this is goodbye, thanks for being here.

If not, see you next time at one of the new locations!

Thanks for reading! And if you want something else good to read, there’s this and this to get you started!

new living room

Welcome to our new living room! This is what you see if you enter from the front of the house.

living room from the front doorThis is probably as good a time as any to show you the unusual front-entry setup, since that would make a boring post by itself. This is a shared foyer–I guess that’s what you’d call it–that you enter from the front step. (The blue door seen here; it’s only blue on the outside. Other fun fact: it only has a knob on the outside, thanks to Those-Who-Lived-Here-Before.) This shot is taken from our open living room door across the foyer to our neighbor’s door. You can see her mail slot and her letter on the floor. We have a slot on our side too.

shared entryHere’s the view from our welcome mat into our living room. Exciting, huh? I know you can barely contain yourself.

our entry  That door we just photographically passed through is at the top right of the photo below. This shot was taken from the direction of the dining room.

 living room as seen from the direction of the dining roomOpposite that large window, on the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen, is Lovey’s desk. (And what a desk it is!) He still has some equipment to unpack.

Lovey's desk areaOn the wall that hides the stairs, we have a small shelf, toys, and a box of stuff that needs a home. I’ll make this look better soon! The door on the left here could be closed to hide the stairs, but for now we’re leaving it open all the time. That may change this winter when we need to keep warm air upstairs.

shelf, play area near stair doorThe area at the foot of the stairs offers a row of hooks for jackets, hats, and scarves. It’s not exactly a coat closet (our big winter stuff is hiding upstairs) but it’ll do for us to keep the current season’s outerwear easily accessible.

front entry insideSo that’s it for the downstairs! Come back soon for a glimpse of the upstairs. In the meantime, if you missed anything, you can occupy yourself by exploring the yard, kitchen, and dining room.

new dining room

kitchen & living seen from diningThe dining room only has one “real” wall. One is open to the kitchen, with a built-in china cabinet and a telephone alcove. Another is open to the living room, with a door to the basement stairs. And a third boasts a window that looks onto the deck.

table and one chairIf you’re wondering why there’s only one chair at our table, that’s a story with several plot points. First of all, the chairs that came with this table had splayed legs that tended to tangle. We had talked about getting chairs with more vertical legs but hadn’t taken action. Secondly, one chair’s support broke when somebody kept leaning it onto its back legs. (To be fair, that somebody probably just finished a job that many previous leaners had started.) And finally, we were running out of room in our UHaul. A friend who was helping us pack offered to take the chairs to a thrift store, so we let them slip out of our lives. Replacing them is near the top of our list of things to do.

That’s probably the most interesting thing about this room, unless you’ve never seen a blue ceiling fan, in which case you should definitely take a look at this. (Whose idea was this?!)

blue ceiling fanOne helpful thing about this strangely modern fixture is that it reveals which pull is for the fan and which is for the light. This should be standard! So much guesswork and frustration could be avoided if more fans had this feature! (Or am I the only one who always guesses wrong the first time, and even spends time pulling the chain, then flipping the wall switch, then pulling the chain again?)

light and fan pullsFrom the dining room we can access the living room through a doorway or the basement through a door. I’m not going to show you the basement (ever!) because it’s just a basement. It’s dark and creepy and there may never be a stitch of decor down there. But the living room is coming up next!

view from dining into livingYou saw the yard and the kitchen, right? Just checking.