going green…literally

So far spring hasn’t been offering us much in the way of sunshiney days, so I was like a cat ready to pounce by the time a gorgeous afternoon came my way.  I gauged the wind and decided it was time to paint a patio set that had weathered a winter wait.  Lovey and I took a walk to the hardware store for “international green” spray paint.  I think it’s meant for farm implements, but whatever.

a few supplies

I unbolted all the legs, seats, chair backs, and table tops, spread them out on a tarp, and went to work.

patio set parts ready to be painted

I sprayed multiple very, very thin coats until I achieved a solid covering of green over each piece, much to the amusement of the (perhaps slightly crazy?) neighbor who watched from his balcony and occasionally offered tidbits like, “You know that $h!* will kill you, right?”–judging me for spraypainting (with a mask on!) while he stood above me (smoking!).

a sea of green

I left the pieces on the apartment lawn for a while, then retrieved them as the sun started to go down.  I laid them out on our balcony, hoping it would be okay to move them before the paint cured completely.

final drying

The moving didn’t seem to be a problem, but wouldn’t you know that night it rained!  Can’t win ’em all, I guess.  The paint got a little spotty but I don’t think it’s too bad.  With some weathering it should be even less noticeable.  When it gets consistently warm I hope to set a little pot of flowers on the table, but I won’t get ahead of myself on that one.  It might still snow; who knows?

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