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Today I am going to show you the second project I completed using the supplies I showed you here.  For the first project I did with those random supplies, check out this post, which is a continuation of this post.  After spiffing my kitchen, I noticed that the poor, neglected dining room was looking poorer and more neglected than before.  This is a case study in how comparison breeds discontentment.  Ha, ha…no, really.

Sad, lonely dining room.  Nobody loves your walls.

dining room undecorated

Unless there’s a party.  Then your walls get a little attention.

balloons in living room, lights in dining room

Anyway, it was time for something more grown-up than twinkle lights.  (Please tell me you also call them twinkle lights.)  So back to the used-and-abused Georgia O’Keeffe art book I went.   I taped these prints to the wall once before, trying out the look for the dining room.

dining table with silver garland swag

I even bought frames.  It’s just that for the next several months I let the frames sit and sit and sit, as lonely as the dining room for which I idly promised them they were destined.  One day I sanded them.  See, little frames?  Your lonely days are almost over!

deep amazon...ready to paint

But some more days weeks months passed before I finally got my act together and bought the paint to finish my little project.  Fun tip!  If you need a mini paint pot, a sample that covers 4′ x 4′, you can have a color custom mixed at Lowe’s for the same price as the pre-mixed ones.  I was stunned.

Originally I tried my local Ace hardware store, usually my first stop for home-improvement supplies, to pick up a mini paint for my frames.  Unfortunately, all their pre-mixed colors were lackluster pastels.  I asked for something more like this color, an Ace paint called “Deep Amazon.”  (ooh, sexxxy….)  Alas, mini paints are too small to custom mix, the employee informed me.

deep amazon chip

I wasn’t going to settle for a color I didn’t like, so I bought my other Ace supplies for the day and ventured forth to Lowe’s.  Same story there.  They had a few rich colors, but not what I was looking for.  As I hunted for “the one,” which I was sure must just be hiding from me, an employee asked if she could help me.  As we talked, she revealed that I could have any color I wanted–any color, imagine that!–for $2.68.  So I said, “Yes, please!” and left there with a little pot of my dreamt-of color.

After one coat it didn’t look as lovely as I knew it could.

deep coat

After two coats we were sort of getting somewhere.

deep amazon...two coats

After three coats I felt we were close to the goal.

deep amazon...three coats

After four coats, mission accomplished!

deep amazon...four coats and DONE

Then arithmetic and I had another run-in, leaving this slightly off-kilter “row” of frames across the dining room wall.  I’m not letting the crookedness bother me.  It’s so much better than the bareness!  And it cost me…let me think…about $23.00.  Yep, that’s right.  Can’t beat that for taking a room up a notch, right?

closer view of the art

-frames: $6.00 each at Walmart

-paint: $2.68 at Lowe’s

-art: $2.00 from a book at the library book sale

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  1. Mom

     /  May 16, 2013

    Frames at a thrift store 10 Cents to a dollar.

  2. Yeah, but good luck finding three large ones that match! That’s why I bought these new.


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