kitchen gallery wall II

Today’s post isn’t really a sequel, more like a quick ending to a story that didn’t actually end in the first place.  Recently I showed you that I completed the majority of a gallery-wall project in my kitchen.  At the end of that post, a few frames still needed matting.

And when I say matting, I really mean scrapbook paper.  You saw a little preview here, but today I’ll show you how those loose pieces of paper came together to complete the photo display.

I went to Hobby Lobby with my pocket camera, which I had used earlier to photograph each frame that needed paper.  As I stood in the paper aisle, contemplating hundreds of color and pattern choices and feeling just a tad bit overwhelmed, I had in my hands a visual reminder of the shades and subjects I needed to complement.  Thanks to that memory aid, I made a few choices–not quickly, but more quickly than I would have otherwise–and hightailed it home with my treasures.

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (2)

I traced the frame backs to size my paper, cut the edges as needed, and attached the photos to the paper with sticky tack.

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (3)

It only took a few minutes of measuring, cutting, and sticking before I was ready to put those previously-incomplete frames back on the wall, looking much cheerier.  See?

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (4)

This is one of my favorite photos, which I keep thinking I’ll have blown up much larger–I just can’t decide whether to go big with the original blue or subdue it into sepia or black & white.  It’s an ornamental cabbage, in case you can’t tell.

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (7)

This one, despite the glare and blur in this recapturing of it, is another favorite, taken by our friend Melissa during our engagement.  The yellow-and-white polka dots are, to me, the pattern equivalent of the laughter on our faces.

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (5)

So a stripe here, a polka dot there, and the whole wall is finished.  (Oh, happy day!)  After everything was in place, I noticed a detail that had escaped my attention before.  The rug in front of the sink matches.

gallery wall completed 3.5.13 , (14)

Did my subconscious know, or was it a happy accident?  I’m not sure.  Believe whatever makes it a better story for you.  As for me, I’m pleased that I tried another gallery wall after all.  They’re not for every person, and definitely not for every room, but for such an awkwardly-shaped space I think this gallery is about the only thing that would have worked.  (Because I’m not hanging a huge piece of “real” art in my kitchen, no sirree, Bob.  We fry chicken in this place!)

Do you have a gallery wall?  Does it make you hyperventilate a little, or have you found a way to harmonize it with its surroundings?  What’s your formula for a successful gallery?

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