D.I.Y. wardrobe color guide

In the hilariously-dated fashion guide Color Me Beautiful, the author asserts that every woman looks her best in a range of about thirty colors. You assess your hair, eye, and skin colors to determine which “season” is right for you. Well, I found thirty colors a bit much, and I didn’t feel like I could fully commit to any of the palettes.

paint-chip fashion color swatches a la Color Me Beautiful

Instead of sending in a request for a set of swatches to help me shop my season, I took a little trip to the home improvement store and made my own swatches from paint chips.  I chose twelve colors I actually wear, with navy standing in for denim and that pale green standing in for olive pants I hope to find soon!

Now I can tuck this little set in my purse and make sure, as I shop, that the purchases I’m considering will work well with what I already own.  How do you stay focused when you’re surrounded by pretty things that may or may not work for you?  I’d love to hear your shopping secrets!

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