table transformation

I took down the Christmas tree early this year because half the lights burned out the day before we went on vacation. When we got home, I unceremoniously undecorated the whole thing and stashed it. But the Christmas cards stayed for a while.

table & mirror with snowflake branch & Christmas cards

I don’t decorate like mad for every holiday or season, but I enjoy creating vignettes on side tables and shelves–for me vignettes are to home-décor what spices are to food.  They give just a little taste of the season in progress, slightly changing the character of their larger environment.  I mean, come on, these glittery gold ornaments are yummy, right?

cloche with gold glitter ornaments

But there comes a time to move on, and I felt it was that time.  So I repurposed this little corner for reading.

lamp, table, mirror, chair

You may recognize the chair as patio furniture, because that was how we used it first. I brought it inside, unsure how it would weather our winter storms, and later we brought home an all-metal set that had belonged to Lovey’s grandpa. The table is currently laden with a popcorn offering to the birds, though I fear the squirrel may beat them to it.

Gpa's patio set

But let’s go back inside–it’s cold out there! The table that formerly held Christmas cards now holds my Bible & devotional book, which is Beth Moore study (my first!) that I’m doing this spring with a group of ladies.  I’m not leading, just attending.  Underneath that is a journal I found at T.J. Maxx. That is a dangerous place, guys. So much cuteness for so little cash.

table with bowl, vase, books

The vase is my current holding place for bottle caps. At the library this summer the children’s staff is going to undertake a large-scale bottle cap art project. They did some small ones last year, with a summer’s-worth of bottle caps, so they’re going to see how big they can go if the whole staff starts saving now!

bottlecaps in vase

So that’s my little table transformation. Do you have any “fluid” spaces in your home where you mix up the display based on the season, your mood, or the phase of the moon? Just curious! What changes do you find the easiest or most fun to make?

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