come fly with me

Nope, it was not a joke; they are really flies.

three framed insect pieces
And dragonflies.  And beetles.  Wingless, from the looks of it, but hey.

I’m learning to feel out the balance between too much clutter and too much blank space–that middle ground where it feels cozy but not claustrophobic, simple but not sterile.  Insect art will knock that sterile feeling right out of the air, letmetellya.  What drove this art choice was not so much my desire to be surrounded by images of six-legged critters as a combination of the following:

-a redefined color scheme for the living room

-an art book I bought for $1.00 (Botanicals and Insects) *Hopefully the botanicals will show up in the bedroom soonish.

-three empty poster frames, purchased for our old apartment and disused since we moved

Each frame held a print of the “welcome-to-my-dorm-room!” variety, and I was ready for something else.  The thing is, the prints came shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard, which was nice because that meant there was no glass, but which was also a pain…because there was no glass.  The frames themselves were structurally barebones, not really up to the task of supporting or protecting art.

After removing the old poster/ “glass” /backing units, I needed new backing.  Thankfully the packrat that lives in a cotton-ball-and-shoestring nest in one corner of my soul had insisted months ago that I cling to a large piece of cardboard that came from I-no-longer-know-where.  The cardboard sat behind the study door waiting for a raison d’être until that fateful day when…

tracing old poster onto new cardboard

…using a poster as a sizing guide, I sliced up some new rectangles…

tracing old poster

…and framed them.

empty frames with cardboard backing

Then stuck insect art to them.

art framed and laid out to hang

I used velcro 3M hanging strips to hang them above the bookshelves.

three framed insect pieces

The next goal is to cover the cardboard with burlap and maybe paint all three frames the same color.  But maybe not.  I like the eclectic mismatch for now.  What I ultimately decide will depend largely on what I do to the bookcases, and I am not even close to knowing what I want there.  We’ll see!

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  1. I simply LOVE the insect art. You have such an excellent eye for decor; that “cozy but uncluttered” thing, you nailed it!

    • Thank you! The time I can least-critically see what I’ve done: re-entry after vacation. After our Christmas trip I came home and felt, “Yes, this is my favorite place in the world!” I think everyone should feel that way about their home. 🙂

  2. I also love the milkweed pods!

  1. a thing of beauty « wellcrafted

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