“fall breather” 2012

When Lovey and I were in college our school kept an atypical academic calendar.  In October we got a long weekend called Fall Breather, and in January we could take a single class during a three-week stretch called Interterm.  A few presidents later–we had three in my four years there–many things have changed.  Interterm was eliminated, then, thanks to the Student Senate my senior year, reinstated for those who would come after us.  But as far as I know Fall Breather never returned.  Thankfully, Lovey and I were able to escape for our own version of it a few weeks ago when my cousin got married.  We headed to my hometown on Friday after work/class and stayed with S, my lovely best-friend-since-high-school.

mixing the dough

We packed all the fun we could into Saturday!  First a hearty homemade breakfast, then a thrift-shopping trip that made me remember why that town is such a thrifter’s dream.  I’ll have to post separately about the day’s thrift scores–each amazing in its own way.  While we shopped, Lovey chainsawed wood with S’s dad.  After completing our thrift-store circuit, we stopped for lunch at S’s parents’ house so we could visit for a while before taking home my exhausted Lovey.  He recuperated (kind of) while we baked.

rolling the dough

In the photos above, S is busy preparing povitica, which looked like this when it was done:

swirly loaf in pan

And which, much like the dinner pictured below, tasted like: mmm-mmm-mmm….

crock pot lemon chicken and oven-roasted autumn veg

Dinner was Crock-Pot lemon chicken, roasted vegetables, and focaccia.  Oh, the flavors!  It was a wonderful meal for fall–rich in flavor, and therefore as cozy as comfort food, yet light enough that I didn’t feel like hibernating after we ate.  In fact, dessert was a real waker-upper: rhubarb crumble.  (My mouth watered as soon as I wrote that.)  Rhubarb, guys.  If you’re not feeling fully alive, have a little taste of rhubarb and you will know!  The Cool Whip was not an embellishment but a necessity.  Yee-umhaw!

rhubarb crisp

I should have taken at least three times as many photos as I did; sometimes it just feels weird pulling out the camera.  “Um…can I take a picture of us sitting on the couch reading together?”  (We did that–both of us were reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  The fact that we both related strongly to that book’s thesis is only one of the many reasons we are friends.)  So here’s the next best thing to a reading picture: us smooshed together in the coziest chair ever.

us two in the comfy chair

I loved our time together–a much-needed breather before the craziness of the holidays begins.  Love ya, sis!

us two a little closer

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