You’ve all been exposed to, if not completely sucked in by, Pinterest by now, right?  Well, it got real in my life recently.  No, I didn’t date a movie star or get a cute little tattoo with my best friend; but I did go to my friend J’s Pinterest party.  Each guest brought treats inspired by a recipe found on Pinterest, then we made a Pinterest craft together.  We kicked off the evening with our “light dinner.”  The top-heavy food pyramid included…

pumpkin dip with nilla wafers and apples

…light-as-a-cloud pumpkin dip with Nilla wafers and apple slices…

apple bread

…sweet apple bread with aromatic autumn spices…

banana-chocolate chip oatmeal muffins

…wholesome-but-tasty banana-chocolate muffins with oatmeal…

peanut butter bars

…butter-laden peanut butter cup bars…

no-bake type chocolate balls with flax seed

…and no-bake chocolate treats that were a little like no-bake cookies but better for you.  I’m not sure of all the ingredients but I remember that flax seed was involved.  So, yes, it was a dessert-dinner, but there were redeeming elements.

dessert dinner: apple slices, pumpkin dip, oatmeal banana-chocolate muffin, apple bread, chocolate treats

After we chatted and grazed for a while, we put on our thinking caps to decide what wise words to permanently emblazon onto Sharpies

plain blue mug

It got really quiet while we thought about what saying we wanted to wake up to every morning–or maybe unwind with every evening.  Finally everyone settled on something and set about lettering it onto her mug.  Here are S & S carefully writing out their inspirations while a cozy fire flickered in the background.

S & S carefully writing on their mugs

We chatted a little more while we baked the mugs at 350 for 30 minutes.  Some crafters who went before us claimed that this technique wouldn’t make the writing really permanent, but it didn’t smudge when our mugs were cool, so we’re going with Myth Busted.  (And we’ll hand wash them, just to be safe.)  Here they are:

four mugs with Sharpied sayings on them

They say:

1. You are precious and honored in my sight. You are loved.  (The other side paraphrases the rest of Isaiah 43:4, which says, “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and nations in exchange for your life.”)

2. One who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

3. Wisdom begins in wonder. -Socrates

4. beautifully (The whole thing, continued from the other side, is “Live life beautifully.”)

Here’s a parting shot of me with the evening’s lovely host, J:

M & J

She suggested making craft night a monthly-ish event, and I really hope we’re able to get that going!  It’s so refreshing to spend a few hours bonding over beautiful things with other ladies.  And delicious things don’t hurt either.  We can definitely bond over those!

Have you whipped up anything creative or edible lately?  Maybe both?  Send me a link to it if you want.  I think it’s fun to see how people adapt Pinterest ideas to fit into their real lives, because we can’t all live in treehouses or dress children in knickers and knee socks.

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