cuddling weather

I promised details from my cousin’s wedding, so here they are!  The day was rainy and v-e-r-y cold, but all the better to cuddle with your best friend, I suppose.

I didn’t take nearly the number of photos I planned to take, but I got a few highlights.  Here are the bride and groom dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

The song was “Lazy Afternoon” by Rebelution, if you want a mental soundtrack for these photos.  I captured the stills from a video, which explains the quality.  I’m including them because these are the best shots I got of her gorgeous dress.  You should have seen her red heels–and fishnets!  Those were awesome.  Here’s a prettier picture of the couple–that’s my mom on the right.

We ate barbeque, which was tasty but not that photogenic.  And, of course!, we ate cake.  Many helping hands orchestrated this wedding, which made it sweetly personal.  The bride’s eleven-year-old niece (whom she calls “my tiny niece”) made the cake.

the cake

I couldn’t believe it either–what a little rock star!  Each layer had a crisp black border and a scatter of red fondant roses.  It was not only pretty, but pretty impressive!  The little sign next to the cake said, “Made with Love by Josie Rose.”

Made With Love by Josie Rose

There were lots of babies to meet, relatives to hug, and things to talk about, so my photo safari wasn’t very extensive.  But I did get a picture with both of my sisters–a real accomplishment because it isn’t often that we’re all in the same place.

all three sisters

That’s all for now!  Next time I’ll show you the handmade gift I gave the newlyweds.  I’m working on another one for myself….

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