cowgirl wedding wreath

I have a friend who married a real-life cowboy last weekend.  By “real life cowboy” I mean that his resume includes rustling cattle and shooting at a poacher.  He now breaks horses for a living.  He is the kind of man who makes me believe concealed carry is a good idea; his surefire skills would put a fast end to any shenanigans less-reputable gunslingers might pull.  Aaaanyway, back to my friend.  She is a cowgirl in her own right.  She owns multiple horses and would rather spend the weekend on the trail with them than dressing up to go out.  She is not into frilly things.  So it makes sense that when she planned her wedding she wasn’t crazy about the idea of carrying a bouquet.  Instead she wanted a floral wreath to put on her cowgirl hat.

the hat

First we talked about using fresh flowers, but that would be pricier and shorter-lived.  We decided to use silk flowers so she can enjoy the wedding wreath for a lot longer.  I took her hat hostage, took a trip to Hobby Lobby, and went to work.  First I measured the hat so I knew how big I needed to make the wreath and how many flowers to buy.

white Gerbera daisies severed from their stems with wire cutters

Then I snipped the flowers off their long stems.  I used green florists’ tape to tightly bind each flower to a tape-wrapped floral wire.  Actually I used one full wire and part of a second wire to get the full length I needed for this wreath.  I attached the two wires to each other with florists’ tape.  Here’s a view of how one Gerb stem looked taped to the wire.

Gerb stem taped to wire

This is how the wreath looked in progress, one bit taped beneath the next bit and so on until the look filled in.  It was more of a garland than a wreath for the first half of the project.  And as you can see, the underside was not very pretty.  As long as it was secure I wasn’t worried about how good it looked from the back.

the underside of the wreath in progresswreath before it was closed

When all the wire was covered with flowers or greenery, it was time to bring the hat back into the picture.

wreath on hat brimThe way she actually held it, though, it was seen like this:

hat hanging on the wall

So, next time you need a delicate wreath–for your wall, your door, or, who knows, maybe your hat–you know what to do!  More wedding fun to come–one of my cousins also got married this weekend.  Hang onto your hat.

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