Mondate Night: cute cupcakes

There’s a cupcake shop in town now, so–hello!–we had to go there.  My peanut butter-filled chocolate cupcake with swirly chocolate frosting and Butterfinger bits was…just like it looks.  Amazing.

chocolate peanut butter cupcake

And Lovey’s caramel buttercream something-or-other wasn’t half bad either.

caramel buttercream cupcake

Cupcakes make us happy.  Or maybe we make each other happy.  Or maybe…both.  We kept taking flash pictures of ourselves, trying to get our faces and the logo behind us into the photo.  (Our flashless attempts turned out way too blurry.)  Anyway, we were being total goofballs, more so than the undergrads who streamed in and out in their Ugg boots and Converse sneakers. The fact that undergrads think their uniform is hip and distinctive cracks me up.  But that’s a bunny trail for another day.  Or never.  I can get a little mean about it.

cupcakes give us happy faces

Back to happy thoughts.  The shop was completely adorable.  The seats at the counter are honest-to-goodness swings!  We sat against the window instead, as I mentioned.  Lovey wouldn’t pose in the pillows for me, so this smidge of a glimpse is all I have to offer, but I’ll try to paint a picture for you.  The front window backs a wraparound bench lined with bright green, orange, and blue pillows.  A skinny horizontal swath of mirror belts the room so you can, oh, I don’t know, watch yourself dancing.  One kid was doing that.  (They were playing Hit ‘Em Up Style at one point.)  The “tables” look like elementary school desks and the chairs are similarly schoolish.

white plate with crumbs and a fork

That makes sense because the shop is named after the owner’s favorite teacher.  Everything about it is playful and sweet–desserts included.  I loved it as a date spot.  We could’ve gotten out of there for about five bucks but we sprung for the hot chocolate, which was worth it.  Then home on the bus, giggling and snuggling all the way.  Ain’t love grand?

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