some like it not so hot

Last week a lady came into the flower shop with a cushion from one of her kitchen chairs.  She wanted us to design a wreath to go along with it.

blue and neutral patterned cushion

None of the senior design staff could get excited about the project because the customer was adamant that she did not want any pops of color, the beauty of bittersweet notwithstanding.  When our usual work looks like this, this, and this…

tall tropicals arrangement: birds of paradise, red anthurium, spiral eucalyptus, birch branches, pincushion protea vase of sunflowers and Gerbera daisies with bells of Ireland tall vase with tulips, snapdragons, Gerbera daisies

…maybe you can understand why no one was eager to attempt the wreath.  My manager started it, then raised her hands in frustration and went to make deliveries.  So I took over and, with some coaching from others, ended up here.

finished wreath

grapevine wreath with cattails, spiral eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, silver brunia, seed pods, and burlap bows

When the customer arrived to pick it up she gushed, “Oh, I love it.  It’s so much better than what I imagined it would be!”  I think at that moment the only person happier than the woman beholding her dream-come-true wreath was me, basking in the glow of her praise.  (She didn’t know I was the one who made the wreath.)  The situation vividly illustrated the idea of “different strokes for different folks.”  It also reminded me that sometimes it’s worthwhile to give to others something we don’t like ourselves–maybe our “never-in-a-million-years” is their “once-in-a-lifetime.”  All it takes to find out is a little listening.

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  1. My taste runs more like the lady who brought in the cushion, so I also LOVE it! Good job for listening and for making something tasteful and lovely! Wish I could come in ;-}


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