Even though I was on a hot-colors kick all summer, as the bedroom proves, suddenly blue is calling me home.  I admit having reds and oranges in the living room created a nice transition to the bedroom, but I want to draw more of a distinction between the spaces.  That means orange is staying, but red is going to give way to navy blue.  Like so:

living room without red

This room is still at that weird stage of three-quarters-completeness.  I’ve tried a few wall art options but nothing has clicked yet.  The good news there is that I’m not locked in to one overall scheme for the room.  Instead of pushing for “100% done” I can step back and rethink my direction.  All I did here was rearrange pillow covers to hide red and reveal hidden navy.  (I’ve had the red and blue pillows since college.)  The navy-striped pillow is just a red pillow wearing a t-shirt.  See the shirt in its former glory in this post if you’re curious.  I plan to sew it into an actual square pillow cover, though doing so will probably require discarding the front of the shirt and sewing the back of the shirt to another piece of fabric.

Now that you’ve seen the beginnings of blue, let’s move on to orange.  These curtains have been hanging for probably a month now but I don’t think I’ve posted a picture.

orange organza curtains

I know, I know, the color is totally insane.  I ordered the fabric based on this photo from Save on Crafts (click photo to visit site): fabric photo

Now that I’ve seen the fabric in person, I can see its character revealed in the photo, but when all I had to go on was the photo, I thought the fabric would look more spicy/rusty–like the orange pillows on my couch.

spice-orange pillows {March 2012}

My heart thrilled the day my Save on Crafts shipment arrived.  My heart sank the moment I opened the box.  I shook out the folds of fabric, repeatedly telling myself, “It won’t be such a shocking shade once you get rid of the layers!”  I was wrong: it’s just as bright flattened as it is folded.  But opened packages can’t be returned, and I had not only opened these curtains but hung them every way I could think of trying to make them work in the bedroom.  Nothing doing.  So I stuffed them in their box and folded those flaps like I could trap my disappointment in cardboard walls.

Later I decided to revisit the disaster and see if it was salvageable.  I hung the panels in the hallway for fun, and I actually like them.  From the living room the curtains frame a view of the bedroom.  They make that blah passage, which isn’t even a real hallway, into a portal.    So far it’s working for me.  Blue seemed like just the thing to take the wild color down a notch.  Here’s my first blue craft for the room:

blue painted jars with candles

I also made red ones at the same time.  These were my take on this pin I’ve wanted to try since the moment I spied it.  I kept the blue ones simple but went full-fledged on the red ones.

red painted jars with gold puff paint embellishments

I’m not sure how the original artist applied her glass paint.  I tried a bristle brush (lots of streaks!), a foam brush (drank the paint!), and a swirl-to-coat method.  That was messy but it worked the best.

dripping jars

Of course, my difficulty may have had something to do with the fact that I used inherited paint.  My best guess is it’s a decade old.  But I’m happy with the results anyway.  The finish may be streaky, but with light shining through I think it looks okay.  The blue almost looks like seeded glass.  Check this out:

painted jars with lit candles inside

These will light many an autumn evening.  I can’t wait to cuddle up with cocoa and read by the glow of lamps and candles!  I’m also eager to see how my new color scheme develops; it will be as much a surprise to me as to you.  I’ll keep ya posted.  <–*blogging pun*

Okay, that’s enough silliness and overboard enthusiasm for one day, right?  ‘Til next time, then.

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