dress it up a bit

Life gets boring, doesn’t it?  But why?  Because we know what to expect, that’s why!  (It wasn’t a rhetorical question.)  But what if we look for ways to kick things up a notch?  And what if today we start with dessert?

winning hearts and minds cake--or--gateau au chocolat fondant

This is gateau au chocolat fondant, or what its creator (Molly Wizenberg of Orangette) calls “Winning Hearts and Minds Cake.”  Enough said?  But why stop there?  Add caramel sauce.  You will collapse in delight, I swear.  Click here to be taken to the recipe on Molly’s site.  Browse a while.  Read her book if you can get your hands on a copy!

Next up: a humble yellow cupcake gets a whipped cream hat drenched with creme caramel rain that leaves it sitting in the happiest puddle of its life.  Oh, yes.

yellow cupcake, whipped cream & creme caramel

But if over-indulgent isn’t your style, how about this?  Mix up some sugar cookies.  This is the recipe I use; it’s the first search result when you type “easy sugar cookies” into Google, and–hello!–it has the word “easy” in the title.  It should also have the word “delicious,” but whatever.

Add a couple small heaps of lemon zest and a sprinkle of rosemary.  The resulting cookies contain the earthy sophistication of herbs and the bright jolt of citrus, which add up to pure amazing if you ask me.

rosemary lemon zest sugar cookies & sparkling juice with lemon slices

I think I just figured out the secret of fancy food as I was writing these descriptions: it’s telling the whole recipe in the food’s name.  Doesn’t that make ordinary foods sound delicious?  Let’s try an example.  “Semolina pasta bathed in a butter roux with cream and cheddar, finished with nutmeg and fresh ground black pepper” sounds a lot more outhwatering than “homemade macaroni and cheese,” right?  Try this next time someone asks you what’s for dinner.  I want to know what happens!

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  1. janene

     /  September 18, 2012

    Oh your killing me with these sweet desserts. sometime we ought to have desserts and tea for weekly lunch ;] happy tuesday!


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