curtain’s up!

I have to include an exclamation point in the title of every post about the bedroom decor.  I can’t help it; I’m just so excited about this project!  That’s probably because, unlike other rooms, which have required little more than a bit of tidying and color palette definition, the bedroom has undergone a mildly dramatic turnaround.  From grayish blue and deep brown…

bedroom when we moved in {Aug. 2011} brown curtain and bedspread, with bookshelf & one table brown curtain; bed with ivory fleece blanket & blue pillows

…to several shades of spi-cy, it’s been a fun transformation.  My latest update hangs at the head of the bed, keeping out the bright morning light and prolonging the cozy cocoon effect I savor after the alarm clock blares.  You know…for just another minute….

curtain with red, white, brown, and yellow medallion pattern

The curtain isn’t exactly what I set out for.  I wanted ikat print for a global vibe, but I couldn’t find one for the life of me.  I should clarify.  I couldn’t find one in colors I liked at a price I was comfortable paying.  Ikat curtains definitely exist.  They just look like this (hello, 1970s).  Or cost like this (goodbye, $748.00–but free shipping; that’s generous).  Oh yeah, and I didn’t want to wait.

So that’s pretty much the story of how I ended up wandering down the bathroom decor aisle at Target and leaving with a shower curtain.  It’s made of fabric (not plastic).  I like the pattern and colors.  I paid less for it than I would have paid for the equivalent amount of material somewhere like Hobby Lobby–which didn’t have any fabric suitable for this project anyway.

Here are a few I liked and the reasons I did not bring any of them home.  By rows, starting at top left: cool bird but too brown; love the red but too formal; gorgeous print but background too dark; love everything about it but would look too dark in the bedroom lighting.  The room sucks color out of things, which is why I’m going overly bright in there.

curtain in context

I think this is a nice compromise between the image I had in my head and some of the lesser options I could have settled for.  I’m relieved to have the former yawning black hole covered with a peppy pattern.  The blackout curtain is actually still lurking back there–there is no night’s sleep as restful as that induced by blackout drapery.  I wake up at 5:00 am if I forget to pull the curtain before going to bed.

Oh, score one more point for the new curtain: Lovey likes it–though I think I asked him too many times.  I don’t remember how many times, exactly, but when Mr. Always Patient says, “I already told you I like it” that means it’s time to stop asking.


Would you ever hang a shower curtain somewhere besides in front of the shower?  Have you done any light repurposing lately?  (I say “light” because a curtain is a curtain–it’s not like I turned it into a bedspread or cut it up and made pillows–but there’s an idea.)  I find the concept of repurposing very intriguing.  Lovey and I ate at a local restaurant the other night and noticed that part of their wall art, though it looks like banners for the football team, is actually welcome mats nailed to the wall.  I think that’s hilarious.  How about you?  What repurposing have you noticed in, or introduced to, the world?

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