Mondate Night: vodka and French fries

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  I’m off enjoying this work-free (and blogging-free!) day, so in the meantime please enjoy this recap of last week’s (Mon)date night.

The New Schedule has begun!  Hubby’s back to part-time work and full-time school as we voyage into this penultimate semester of his second college degree.  It gets tough to feel connected when we’re pulled in opposite directions all fall and spring, so he suggested that we institute a date night this semester.  We’ve had unofficial date nights all throughout our marriage, but they usually fall into the pizza-and-a-movie-at-home category.  Nothing wrong with that, but he wanted to jazz it up a little.  So we picked Mondays.  And for our first excursion we visited a dark dive beloved by locals and devoid of sorority girls.  We had drinks, talked about our days, and then we wanted fries.

Lovey eating a fry; me smiling

Thankfully an All-American diner was just around the corner.  The waitress was slightly confused that we didn’t want to be seated; we just wanted fries to go.  We sat awkwardly by the door to the restaurant, waiting, I think, for them to scrub, peel, and fry some potatoes.  But after the wait, we got our “side” of fries.  Good thing we didn’t take the waitress up on the larger size she offered–criminey!

shoulders-and-legs: Lovey holding a styrofoam thing of fries

This is when the real romance kicked in.  We sat on a parking curb in front of our car, partaking of hot French fries dabbed in ketchup.  We talked about a Mark Driscoll sermon Lovey had asked me to listen to, since I’d listened to it that afternoon.  We talked about his aspiration to provide for our future family.  We stared at a neon Laundromat sign; inhaled the fragrance of cigarette smoke wafting over from other parking lot loiterers; and just unwound from a crazy Monday.  There’s no one but Lovey I’d rather do that with.  It took 45 minutes and $10, small investments that I trust will pay off over the years of our marriage.

Do you have relationship rituals that help you stay connected?  What free or inexpensive activities do you enjoy with your loved one(s) — ‘s’ added because it doesn’t necessarily have to be your significant other–?  Do tell…maybe we’ll get an idea for our next date!

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