Ready to see what all this work amounted to?  I can’t wait to show you!  First things first.  My friend Karen, known for sewing things other people can’t or won’t sew, took my muffin tin of paper circles home with her.  A couple days later she brought me this box.

box with tissue paper and chains of waxed paper circles

She left all the circles connected but grouped them in chains of four, six, and eight.  (I specified how many of each I needed.)  Here’s a shot to show how the chains looked when I lifted them out of the box, just in case any of you would like to sew your own.

waxed paper circles linked by thread

This worked for Karen because she didn’t have to stop and start her sewing machine every four to eight circles–at least as far as I know.  It worked for me because all I had to do was snip the threads and get ready to glue.  Here’s the best way I could think of to accomplish that: I took the stripped lampshade and turned it small-end-down on top of a floor lamp.  Then I held it in place with the finial that holds on the lampshade this lamp normally wears.

wire lampshade frame, upside down, anchored to lamp stand with finial

I glued on the short inner strands first, reasoning that it would be a pain trying to attach this layer after the long outer layer was hanging down in front.

bottom row of circles glued in place on wire frame

When I did move up to the wider circle, I first glued on one layer of eight-circle strands.

base layer of circles around top of frame

Then I went back over the same area and glued six-circle strands in between all the eight-circle strands.  The catch was that I had to leave room for the ceiling hooks that would eventually allow me to hang this fixture.  I used twist ties to mark three places on the lampshade so I’d  know where to leave room for the hooks.  I just glued the six-circle strand lower in those three places to leave the frame exposed.

twist tie tied to metal frame to mark where frame will rest on ceiling hooks

After some time hot gluing, snipping threads, and double-checking my ceiling hooks, I was able to do what I’ve waited…a while…to do: hang this baby up and flip the switch!

faux capiz chandelier hanging and lit

Here’s an in-context photo for ya.  I painted the oval mirrors purple, painted the side tables red, and got a new bedspread.

Lovey's half of the room with capiz

I also purchased the first accessories chosen specifically for this room: two bud vases from the flower shop.  They were labeled “natural gourd” vases.  The gourd part makes sense but I’m not sure they look very natural.  Anyway, I’ve admired them for months so I decided to make them mine.

first accessory--"gourd" bud vase

Here’s how it’s coming together in the room.  I want to add new drawer pulls to the side tables, replace the brown curtain, and find twin lamps, but other than that this wall is complete.

bed, mirrors, tables...almost finished

After that I’ll move on to the other side of the room.  I have a shelf to paint and a few other small changes to make before I think about art.  That’s the hardest part for me.  I have to mull it over for a while.  Everybody start pinning cool ideas on Pinterest, okay?  Thanks in advance!

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  1. this is such a big accomplishment! great job!!

  2. diloocoo

     /  August 24, 2012

    It seems to call to you to spend more time there. Looks beautiful!

  1. blu-u-u-u-ue « wellcrafted

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