it doesn’t get better–wait–yes it does!

I came home to find two oblong packages on my desk.  What could they be…?

yellow envelope and paper towel-wrapped object

I knew, because Lovey brings home similar offerings from time to time, that the paper-towel wrapped object was a donut.  My hubby is an amazing person for lots of reasons, not least among which is the fact that he brings me donuts.  I never know when he’ll bring one or what kind it will be.  They’re serendipitous surprises that always brighten my day because  (a.) Lovey was thinking of me (b.) he doesn’t begrudge me my deep affection for fried food covered in frosting (c.) he actively brings that food into my life.  So much to love!

donut on a paper towel

The other mysterious gift came from my sister.  I was delighted to find a perfumey little box of incense in the envelope.  But I was even more delighted when I realized it wasn’t incense; it was jewelry!

incense box, earrings, tissue paper

I’m not sure whether I’m more partial to sweets or baubles.  Let’s say I’m equally fond of them; they fall into different categories so I shouldn’t have to choose.

I was tickled with my unexpected presents.  I had happy flutters in my middle and a big smile on my face when I realized–wait–there was more!  (SIL, skip this part.  You won’t be proud of me.)  Everyone else, here’s the secret: the donut had filling in it!

donut bitten to reveal filling

The only thing more delightful than the guilty pleasure of a donut is the no-holds-barred, shameless indulgence of a filled donut.  I know it’s gross, fake, bad for me, blah, blah…I relish every bit.

And then (this is getting crazy, right?) I realized that there was another pair of fishhooks poking through the tissue paper my sister used to wrap her gift.

earrings (foreground) tissue paper pierced with fishhook earring backs (background)

Another pair of earrings!

Sometimes I have dreams about finding something I like, usually under a rock or in a hole.  That makes it sound like buried treasure, but usually it’s more like a fount of treasure: no matter how much I haul out there’s always more.  That’s how I felt in that moment alone in my study, in very real life.

It made me think about something I just read in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.  She talked about being generous.  I’ve been thinking about how small gestures–like taking Lovey out for ice cream or sending a book to a friend–actually give me as much pleasure as they give the recipient.  I want to be more generous than I am.  And I love knowing that there’s a chance that a simple gesture on my part could bring to someone else the amount of excitement and joy that my husband and sister brought to me.  Clearly my sister understands the delight of giving: she included a fortune cookie message that reads, “Sharing little joys offers great hope to others.”

earrings with fortune cookie message

Have you given or received any kindnesses lately?  What are some ways you enjoy giving to others, or meaningful ways others have given to you?

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  1. diloocoo

     /  August 24, 2012

    I really, really like those earrings. Your sis has an amazing jewelry sense! What a sweetie to brighten your day with an unexpected gift! You are blessed.


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