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Everybody’s been moving around here, and man, have the Dumpsters been brimming!  I hadn’t planned to seek treasure amid the trash, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this sticking out.

single woven chair on balcony

Two faux-cane chairs (it’s some kind of plastic), completely intact, without any wobble in their metal frames…what?  Why were you throwing this away, O Anonymous Benefactor of mine?  You know what, forget I asked.  Thank you!

two woven chairs angled for conversation

It’s too hot to sit on the balcony right now, but these chairs can just “air out” until mid-September.  Then you bet your bottom dollar I’m out there with some tea–or wine–and a book. Maybe by then I’ll have devised a little table for this space and Lovey and I can dine al fresco.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here’s who’s having dinner in our outdoor living space today.  He is the reason I didn’t put out any flowers this year.  Evil, hungry rodent!  But so…adorable?

a "bird" at the feederWe put out seed and water in the hope that drought-stricken birds would come to us for succor, but only the mangy squirrel has accepted our offerings.  Oh, well.  He’s growing on me a little.

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  1. diloocoo

     /  August 17, 2012

    He doesn’t look too mangy, thanks to you – heehee! Nice chairs – good “work”!

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