a rough start

I’ve heard people say that nothing in life worth doing is easy. If that’s the case then this D.I.Y. capiz chandelier is definitely worth doing!

M frustrated punching waxed paper circles

Yep, that’s what I’m making.  This blog originally inspired me, and this one reminded me of the project again months later, when I finally decided to make one of my own.  I already had a lamp shade I wasn’t using.  All I had to buy was waxed paper–cheap!

DIY capiz chandelier supplies: waxed paper, parchment paper, iron & ironing board, lampshade

I ironed together three sheets of waxed paper at a time, sandwiching them between two sheets of parchment paper to avoid getting my iron or ironing board coated in melted wax.

punching holes through large sheets

Then I piled up three sheets of three-sheet fused waxed paper.  (So, a total of nine sheets ironed together in threes.)  Classy Clutter informed me that this was the best way to punch crisp-edged circles.  It was true in theory.

punching holes through one multi-folded sheet

In practice, the easiest method I found was to fold a single ironed sheet (which began as three sheets of waxed paper) into fourths.  That created the same thickness I was achieving with Classy Clutter’s method, but I found the narrow strip much easier to manage than a slippery pile of full-size sheets.

So I punched and I punched–with a borrowed 1  3/4″ circle punch, thanks, Krista!–until I had about 450 circles.  I finally got smart about it and popped in a movie.  No sense sitting at the kitchen table making myself crazy with repetitive activity.  But then…there was a catch.

metal lampshade wired back togetherThe idea is that after you create your plethora of circles, you attach them to a stripped lamp shade.  Relieved to be conquering a new step in the process, I stripped that lamp shade faster than you can say…whatever it is you can say really fast.  And then it all fell apart.

I didn’t realize that my lamp shade was held together by its fabric.  How they assembled it to begin with I will never figure out.  I had to hold each metal frame piece against the top and bottom hoops and carefully reattach it with wire.  It was cheaper than buying another lamp shade, but it was sort of a pain.  Especially the part where I sliced my finger with wire.  Oops.

But trials and all, this project draws nearer and nearer its completion.  More soon–and a peek at the evolving bedroom!

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