runaway weekend

For most of the weekend I was afraid I wasn’t going to have time to post anything for today.  Friday and Saturday were bizarrely busy.  We’re in the throes of wedding season at the flower shop, and this weekend we had to cater to the whims of a bride with…how to say this tactfully?…exacting standards.  By the end of the day we had a superlative-laden, gratitude-gushing voicemail from the bride’s mother, but the morning was fraught.  Here’s a peek at the pink perfection we swam in as we prepped her ceremony and reception:

white pillar candles in hurricanes with pink ribbon wrap curly willow branches with white gladiolus blossoms and clear crystals clear cylinders in three heights with floating pink roses and candles

From left to right: cylinder vases I wrapped in “scrunched” pink ribbon; reception centerpieces made of curly willow branches adorned with white gladiolus blossoms and clear crystals; and another reception centerpiece look consisting of three cylinders filled with water and floating pink roses with floating candles on top.  I spent most of my day assembling those at the hotel utility sink.  Not difficult, but exhausting anyway.

My co-workers and I came in an hour earlier than usual and ending up leaving two hours later than usual to ensure our bride’s flowers were a dream come true.  And afterward, I don’t know about the others, but all I wanted to do was sleep!  Instead I baked some cookies and waited for Lovey to come home from “The Amazing Spiderman.”  (He said the movie was just okay.)  Then we set out again to share a scrumptious dinner with friends.  I seriously thought about photographing it before I dug in, but two thoughts crossed my mind.  One: I just did a big post on food.  Two: this will make my readers too jealous.

Lovey, who participated in Saturday’s flower frenzy as stand-in delivery driver, suggested playing hookey from church so we could actually have some rest before the weekend ended.  So I had time for this.

side tables painted red in a messy living room

I don’t think I ever posted about my second sewing table.  I bought the first one for $5.38 at Goodwill last fall, and I just bought the other (which contained a supposedly working sewing machine) for $40.00 off of Craigslist.  I kicked myself hard after the purchase when I realized the machine had no pedal.  I could buy one for $50.00 but that wasn’t the point.  I decided to chalk it up to lessons learned.  I wanted the table anyway, but I wouldn’t have paid that much for it if I’d noticed the obvious before money changed hands.  Oh, well.

Here’s how it looks in place, pre-color change.

sewing table by bedside with oval mirror and jar of daisies

And a little bit closer.

closer shot of sewing table by bedside with oval mirror and jar of daisies

So that’s what’s in the works for the bedroom decor update right now.  I’m also nearing the completion of a project I hinted at here.  Ready for another hint?  This might be enough to give it away.

M with a Look, amid paper mess

It involves lots of paper and it’s not easy.  Any guesses?  You shall soon see.  (I hope!)

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