The Fourth {part one: family}

You didn’t even miss me, did you?  I’m kidding–I know you didn’t even know I was gone.  But I was.  Lovey and I hopped a train to Colorado last week.  And what a perfect week to be in Colorado–it was hotter than blazes here but blissfully cool (even rainy!) there.  But before I get too far ahead of myself, some travel photos:

sitting on suitcase at train station

Lovey & M

What can I say? I was still really excited. This was before trying to get a night’s sleep in a coach seat. And before waking up at what my body calls breakfast time but the time zone wagged was only sunrise. With no hope of sleeping anymore, we ventured to the observation car with plenty of time to watch this unfold:

sunrise over Yuma, CO

This was in or near Yuma, CO.  We literally never saw Nebraska on this trip.  I know and like plenty of people from Nebraska, but traveling across your state…I’m sorry….  Anyway, after eating an expensive, undercooked breakfast in the company of a French girl and an inquisitive ex-Air Force intellectual author, enduring a frustrating delay while someone worked on the tracks, and realizing trains are romantic to think about but not to sit in all day, we arrived!  Here we are with Lovey’s parents and sister, my “mother-, father-, and sister-in-love.”  (Love is the law in his family, I guess.  It works.)

DIL/MIL/SIL & Lovey under a tree

Much as I would like to let you believe that the first thing we did was hike, the truth is that this is just the first thing I have pictures of.  What we actually did right after leaving the train station was eat hot dogs and chips, drink Pepsi, and take a nap.  We’re nothing if not fit and adventurous.

When we lowlanders had acclimated, we had plenty to do.  We hiked.  We ate scrumptious food.  We visited the local airport for a fly-in/pancake breakfast.  Here’s FIL admiring a plane.  I wish I could tell you an impressive fact about the plane but other than “it can fly” I have nothing to offer.

FIL & the planes

It wasn’t all aviation, though.  We sneaked in some arts when we got a little dressed up and went to a play.  Here’s a shot of us all-purple girls at dinner.  None of us discussed our outfits ahead of time.  So weird, right?  It’s like we’re family or something.

M, SIL, MIL in purple

After that it was off to the theatre for “Anything Goes,” which, except for the songs, is nothing like the movie.  We initially thought we were going to be late but I assured MIL it was no big deal since Lovey and I had seen the first half of the movie.  Well, it turned out to be no big deal, but because the show started half an hour later than we thought, not because we knew what was coming.  The plots of play and movie bore no relation to one another–I actually liked the play better!

There’s more to come about this trip.  Next Monday: recap of our wildflower hike.  Next Thursday: some fooood.  See you then!

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