actual pinspiration

I like Pinterest as much as the next girl.  Well…maybe not quite as much.  I try to restrain myself by limiting my pins only to things I truly intend to try, or at least use as a mood board for a project.  But today I decided to go old-fashioned and use actual straight pins to stick paper scraps to my giant fabric-covered board.

bulletin board lying on desk

I updated the quotation on my chalkboard to say, “Change is a direct result of our plans,” from the Sleeping at Last song “Land or Sea.”  (If you haven’t heard their “Yearbook” album do yourself a favor and get on that.)  The quotation seemed appropriate as a reminder and caption to my visual inspirations, which you’ll see here in one second….

magazine images pinned to bulletin board

A calendar from the flower shop hangs at the top–I pounded a nail into the wooden frame to hold the calendar’s weight.  Under that  are several magazine cutout/tearouts of patterns, colors, and rooms I like.  They’re my inspiration as I continue to add to the living room and begin on the bedroom.

Everything is very boldly colored, warm, textile-rich, and at least a bit global.  I love the look of layers of texture, color, and pattern, but I’m still figuring out how to create coherence from variety.

This wall is a starting place, I guess, and not just because of the bulletin board!

gallery wall above desk

I changed a bit of the art to balance the wall after cramming my board with pictures.  First I framed the front of a handmade card from my college roommate+penpal+sweet friend, Molly.

taping card to paper backing to frame it  Molly's heart art hanging

The note written on the other half of the card is hiding behind the matting paper.  Next I framed a drawing of a cake that I painstakingly snipped out of a Bon Appetit magazine.  The slogan “the sweet life” came from an ad in the same magazine, I think.

cake drawn in b&w with pink background and pink slogan "the sweet life"

The map of Elizabethan England moved over from its original spot on the left.  (Molly’s heart art hangs where the map used to be.)  Under the map is this little jotted card that says, “DREAM WITH ME.  Hawaii.  San Diego.  cruise.  S.A.L. concert. COME AWAY WITH ME.”

framed come away with me card

As Lovey and I have begun to glimpse the end to this season of our life (with him in school), we’ve started to dream bigger dreams for the future.  These places & activities top our list of things we want to experience together.  We’re already scheming to make one of them a reality, but probably not until next year.

desk, gallery wall, open laptop

So there you have it.  All spiffed up and ready for some work to be done.  As I cleaned I unearthed some tidbits I’ve saved to turn into handmade cards, so that will be one of the first projects I spread out all over this newly tidied space.  How do you control clutter on your desk?  And do you have any technology-free ways of keeping inspiration before your eyes?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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