another closet whirlwind

Remember at the end of this post I told you I cleaned my closet again?  (Forgive me; I get an actual thrill from organizing…see this, this, and this if you doubt me.  Oh, and this. Then, to even it all out, how about this?)  The photo below is most in line with the last link there — “natural disaster.”  That’s me sometimes!

messy bed

Often the mess is just step one in the process of organization.  I have to throw out everything where I can see it; then I can decide what to do with it.  Here’s what I beheld when all the throwing, seeing, and doing reached their conclusion:

organized closet

This is a “cue angels singing” moment for me.  Hubby thinks I should turn organizing into a career, and sometimes that sounds appealing.  But then I think about how attached people are to their stuff, and how much stuff a person would likely own if he or she had the money to hire someone to organize it.  (Imagine me skidding to a halt where seconds before I was running happily with the daydream….)

I can share some little ideas with you, though.  Do them yourself and then, um, pay yourself for your time?  You accept payment in the form of ice cream, right?  Anyway.  Here’s how to avoid “shoulder bumps” from heavier-weight clothing stored on hangers.  Flip the garment inside out.  For cardigans I just flip at the shoulders.  (No point turning the sleeves inside out.)  I hang items this way even when they’re wet (here’s how we dry) and none of my clothes have pokey shoulders anymore.  I do have a few items I still lay flat to dry, but this works for most things.

inside-out cardigan

Now a couple extras.  An added perk of this purge: I found some money.  Only a little, tiny bit, but I’m usually a fanatical pocket-emptier so this was a surprise.  I also relocated that cute notebook–I drop it in my purse when I go shopping; it contains a current list of items I’m prowling for.  Helps me avoid I-need-this-purple-shirt-itis.  (Three purple shirts = enough, Self.  Calm down.)

Bic pens, lip gloss, coins, notebook

But on the subject of purple shirts (kind of) here’s the heap of clothes that lost their membership in the Closet Club.  Notice anything?

blue and green clothing on the bed

Every item is some shade of blue, green, or neutral.  I liked these clothes; I really did.  They had pretty necklines, nice fabrics, and timeless appeal.  Problem: I rarely wore them.

Some lost their place because of fit.  Two Ann Taylor Loft shirts, both of which I really liked, worked in the dressing room but not in real life.  One upward reach and: hey, there, tummy!  They just weren’t long enough.  Done-zo!

Most lost their place because they had simply become filler.  I did not consciously cull on the basis of color.  But look what’s left:

pants in hanging organizer and tee shirts on hangers

Neutrals and shades of red, yellow, and purple.  So in addition to proportion, I see that I need to pay closer attention to color.  Why bother with sea-inspired colors that time has shown I will not wear?  (Hey, Self, pay attention again!  Put down that blue shirt and back away slowly.)

How about you?  Any satisfying spring summer cleaning lately?  Any theme in your reject pile, or clear trends emerging among your V.I.C.s (very important clothes)?

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