far east meets farmyard

To celebrate the new year my friend Nicole and I cooked Chinese food for hours. (Then we ate it for a few hours more.) The easiest thing we made that night was green onion pancakes. At lunchtime last week I got a hankering for some, and what do you know but I had time to make them. It takes a cup and a half of flour and 3/4 cup of water.

dough and flour bin on kitchen counter

You let the dough rest for five minutes (I use this time to heat the skillet) then flatten 1/3 of the dough.  Spread a bit of oil over the top and sprinkle with salt, then scatter green onion pieces over the dough. Roll the dough into a log, with the onion all rolled inside, then flatten it again. It’s okay if the dough tears.

green onion pancake in skillet

Throw the pancake in a hot skillet–I heat mine over medium-high so the pancake sizzles when I drop it in.  And then, when it’s gorgeously golden, put some stuff on top.  I chose salsa and scrambled eggs.  It was tasty and filling combination.

green onion pancake with salsa & eggs

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  1. somehow these look a thousand times better than new year’s 🙂


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