perfectly imperfect

I finally found the decorating book that describes my style: The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman.  You might recognize her name if you read Domino magazine: she was its founding editor.  I glanced at the book a while back while checking in holds for library patrons.  Because I couldn’t take home the book right then (it being on hold and all), I flicked through it and gleaned one new-to-me idea that I implemented as soon as I got home.

red spray roses

{Pattern and color infuse rooms with vivacity.}

Now I’ve had the chance to read and admire the book from cover to cover.  I love the tone–conversational yet authoritative.  I think confidence probably makes up 80% of decorating style (the other 20%  coming from actual knowledge about things like color theory, proportion, and lighting).  This girl seems to have both confidence and knowledge in spades.

Deborah Needleman's "Perfectly Imperfect Home" book

{Finally got my hands on it for a while!}

She has cute terms for elements of home decor, such as “jollifiers” (children’s art falls into this category); “mollifiers” (junk we tolerate because our loved ones love it); and “smalls” (“…those precious little objects that are the grown-up versions of the toads and stones and broken sticks and bits of gathered string that we stuffed into our pockets as children.  Nothing can add vitality to a room or clutter the hell out of it more than one’s smalls” p. 186).  Amen to that, which is why I’m fairly anti-knickknack.

This book explains why I love calculated mismatch.

view of living room from dining room

{I want to add even more patterns to this room; I’m not afraid anymore.}

Why I thrill at the sight of even a couple stems of flowers greeting me from the table.


{Pink alstroemeria, which I actually purchased from the flower shop. Lasts for weeks–it’s a great buy!}

Why home decor doesn’t have to cost much to create an embracing space.

desk made from two bookshelves and a door

{This desk consists of two $15 bookshelves and a $10 door.}

And why, after all we pour into the process, the best part of decorating a home is living there.

Lovey reading on the couch

{Lovey reading on the couch}

What touches make your home a haven?  Do you get the most satisfaction from successes such as finding the perfect piece of furniture or serendipities such as scribbled masterpieces from the littlest loved ones in your life?

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