salvaged pincushion protea

2 pincushion protea in a wooden vase

Since I didn’t have any photos to share last time, I thought I better start right off with one today. This is pincushion protea. How cool is it?!

Technically I guess it’s a flower, but it’s no shrinking violet.  It holds up well too–this one spent a week decorating the lobby of a local hotel.  We always pick up the previous week’s pieces and drop off new ones, so the old stuff always comes back to the store.  Usually we take apart the arrangement and throw away the flowers, but from time to time something strong endures.

pincushion protea

I asked to take these home because I love staring at their crazy texture and bright color.  I don’t know if you can tell these are old, but usually the filaments are more parallel and less wavy.  I don’t mind, though. They’re living the rest of their little lives on my dining table.  I hope I make them as happy as they make me.

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  1. I’m learning so much from your “flowering” experience. This is a most unusual flower; some say it’s from Hawaii or Africa. I like how it is enhanced by the vase ; )

  1. protea, lizzy, lizzy, rose « wellcrafted
  2. protea, lizzy, lizzy, rose « wellcrafted

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