quick escape

After work Saturday, Lovey and I hit the road for my cousin’s wedding. We enjoyed an evening of cribbage and shameless junkfood consumption with the aunt who hosted us, and even spent some time trekking around my late grandpa’s property, which I’m glad is still in the family.  It’s impressive how quickly memories rush my mind when I set foot on that familiar ground.

The wedding was on Sunday. I loved every bit: from the way he cried when he saw her start down the  aisle (she was breathtakingly gorgeous!) to the way they both choked up when they vowed, “until death do us part.” Theirs is no frivolous passion; you can tell by the way they look at each other and the way they move around the room together. Their love is already a strong, beautiful image of the work God does in surrendered lives. Their foundation is secure and their faces are confident. I cried just watching them!

We didn’t lug our large camera on this less-than-24-hour getaway, so I have only words to share. If you’re married, what do you remember from the day it became official? How often do you recall your vows?  If you’re not married, who do you want to be when that time comes?  What are you doing now to grow in that direction? I think there’s nothing more inspiring than individuals with strong faith uniting to live their lives with purpose.  I hope that for you!

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