shake yo’ tail feathas

Or glue ’em. And mail ’em. In case you’re lost, here’s the equivalent of one thousand words of explanation:

peacock feather card

In case that text is illegible (at this size, I mean) it says, “You’re a 10.”  That was my birthday message to my mom. I mean those words, but I chose them for a reason you may not have guessed. This card is made–or, for you hip green folks, upcycled–from a wedding invitation.

wedding invitation marked for cutting

When I cut the invitation to size to transform it into a birthday card, a bit of the venue address clung to the margin.  Unwilling to chop more from the edge, I just incorporated the “10” into my sentiment.  Now you know why the words are so extremely right-justified and why they’re positioned in an unusual place.

After writing my full message on the back, I had to blot the ink.  I recently refilled my very fancy fountain pen, which inspires me to write more meaningfully.  (Or so I tell myself.) I do not have a very fancy blotter to accompany my very fancy fountain pen, nor do I have room for such an antiquated desk accessory, so I made do with something a bit more modern. Yep, a tissue.

tissue used to blot fountain pen ink

After making my mom’s card I got onto a bit of a green-and-blue kick.  The fresh colors inspired me to create another card, this time from a graphic I cut from a Bon Appetit magazine’s table of contents.

green peas cut-out image on green cardstock

It says, “peas don’t think I forgot!”  I mailed it to a friend who was long overdue for snail mail from me. I jotted a longer-letter-later message on the back, just to let her know I hadn’t forgotten that she wrote me a lovely, newsy letter…a while ago.

cut-out image of peas glued to cardstock with message "peas don't think i forgot"

Speaking of “longer letter later,” let’s talk about note abbreviations.  That one would have been LLL in middle-school-speak.  Other notes stealthily passed in class might have included LYLAS (love you like a sister), G2G (got to go), or YTTSOLFOHR (Yours ’til the Statue of Liberty falls on her rear).  Seriously.

Which shorthand messages do you remember from the dark age in which 13-year-olds were not yet texting?  You do realize we are the old people now, right? At least in some eyes.  Actually I think I’m okay with it.  Let’s reminisce about our good ol’ days….

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