weekend recap

There’s not photographic evidence of everything we did this weekend, but there’s some.  First up, a project I’ve wanted to start for a few weeks–a box journal.

recipe box

The idea is to color-code each index card according to the subject journaled on it.  Then, instead of flipping through a notebook full of identical pages, hoping to find the page I’m looking for, I can just look at the cards of the pertinent color.  Speaking of color–if you’re wondering what the heck the crayons are for…

drawing and crayonsWe’re talking about doing a little more bedroom decorating ’round here.  Hubby has surprisingly bold taste.  Well, I guess it’s less accurate to say it’s surprising than to say it surprises me.  He wanted our wedding to be blue and silver (it was) but he wants our room to be red, orange, and purple (it will be).  Should be fun!

jeans hanging from a drying rod

We did humongous loads of laundry, hanging the pants on Hubby’s indoor drying rack, which consists of a curtain rod balanced atop bifold doors to the furnace room.  It works really well.  The rest of it is still in a heap.  But it’s sorted!

pile of laundry on the bed

Sunday we went to a lot of church.  We’re coordinating a Financial Peace University class–this will be the second session we’ve offered to our congregation–so we went to both services to announce it.  We didn’t stay for the entire second service; we slipped out and relaxed at home for a bit, then spent the afternoon paddleboating at the lake.  We drove around looking at some astounding lake houses too.  Those prices are unbelievable!

For dinner we cooperated to make this golden bird.

roasted chicken and confetti

Roasting whole chickens is a traumatic event for me.  From the baby-like weight to the gloppy innards, from touching the clammy flesh to binding the legs, from worrying about internal temperature to bluffing my way through the carving, man, this is one meal that just stresses me out.  At least this time, thanks to my friend Natalie, I knew the neck was removable.  The first chicken I ever roasted seemed to be plaintively peering up out of the dish at us the whole time we ate.  Disconcerting, that was.

This one was neckless, but still too much of a pain to justify its presence.  It’s boneless, skinless breast for me from now on–unless someone can demystify this roasting thing for me.  I have an aunt who makes lemon chicken so delicious I can almost taste my memories of it.  She makes it seem easy.  Maybe someday, when I grow up….

What did you cook, eat, make, do, see, or learn this weekend?!

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  1. Diana Fahrenholtz

     /  June 6, 2012

    I just buy the roasted chicken from the grocery store deli, which usually includes herb & lemon!. Easier that way; besides they’re smaller, which is good for two! I admire your willingness to try it on your own, but why not go easy? : )

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