one entree three ways

When I first heard the term “planned-overs” I scoffed.  Remember how I said I’m not partial to casseroles?  Well, that holds especially true for re-heated casseroles, which was all I could think of when I heard anyone say the word “leftovers.”  So what could “planned-overs” possibly be but a clever marketing spin on something I disliked?  Oh-ho-ho, naivete.  Look what I’ve become.  The woman who makes this meal…

2 # pork loin roast in crock pot with onions

{salted two-pound pork loin roast with chopped onion in the crock pot}

pork roast covered with green salsa and jalapenos

{cover with 16 oz “green salsa” (made with tomatillos) and chopped serranos or jalapenos}

spicy green chile pork with rice

{after 8 hours on low, shred pork; serve with rice and cilantro}

…as a building block for this meal.

pork burrito with mango salsa

{burrito with pork, cheddar, romaine, and mango salsa}

peeled mango

{Did you know you can peel a mango with a veggie peeler?!}

mango salsa in food processor

{into vintage food processor: mango and tomatoes, salt, lime juice, red chili flakes}

And this one.

hominy and tomatoes in pot on stove

{hominy and tomatoes}


{chipotle peppers in adobo–this time I added one pepper; last time I added  one can…oops}


{served with Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of cilantro}

And all three of them, if I say so myself, were delicious.  You planning anything…for later?

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  1. Diana Fahrenholtz

     /  June 6, 2012

    Hubby has a gourmet cook on his hands! He must be quite happy!

    • Haha–thank you! He’ll tell you what he endured while this “gourmet” did her hands-on training….


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