gorgeous gardens

I love, love, love the transitional seasons! Spring is in its full glory right now, and local gardens tell the tale beautifully.  So without further commentary from me:

my favorite garden--retaining wall, willow, mixed plantings

This is my favorite garden.  The mixed plantings look so worn-in, so deliciously random–I can’t get enough of s-l-o-w passes by this yard.

red poppies

The poppies pulled me in.

blue bachelor's buttons

But then there were the bachelor’s buttons.

white hollyhocks

And the hollyhocks.  From palest pink…

fuchsia hollyhocks

…to vibrant fuchsia.


Demure foxglove.

pink roses

And a tumble of pink roses. Elsewhere in the neighborhood I discovered even more flowers too lovely to pass by.


Darling clematis.

yellow iris

Exuberant iris.

dark red roses

Another rose cascade, this one moodier than the first.  For a few seconds I felt like I was in the wildwood.  (See May’s book Wildwood Dancing.)  I think flowers like these would definitely grow there!

enormous red poppies

More red poppies, different garden this time.  These were SO huge!

burgundy iris

Finally, another unusually-hued iris.  By the time I noticed this one the sun was setting.  The sky began taking on richer colors–the same colors I was sighing over as I examined these petals.  Over my head, at my feet–it’s all a blaze of glory.  Stop.  Stare.  These gardens aren’t even mine and they’re still good for my soul.

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  1. Diana Fahrenholtz

     /  June 3, 2012

    I am in awe of your surroundings – what beautiful country! Even Virginia didn’t seem this colorful and full of vegetation. I LOVE the English garden (first pic), and then every flower pic after that! You are really good at photography, my dear. My friends and I went on a hike last Thursday (& every Thurs) and we were oohing over a SINGLE tiny orchid and a group of red columbines (maybe 10)! Now admittedly, red is rare for a columbine (usually blue), but I long for more flowers!


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