baubles and beads

I’ve always liked bold colors.  And yet the older I get the more I find myself gravitating toward natural colors in my jewelry.  Here’s a collection of items-in-question from a recent skim through my stash:

Some of those pieces hail from vacations; a couple were gifts many, many birthdays ago; one came from an art fair I wandered for hours with my sister.  Good memories, all.  The problem is I don’t wear them much anymore.  It might be time to let them go, just as I’ve been letting go of pants that don’t fit right, shoes that hurt my feet, and shirts that would look great on someone but not me.  Here are the pieces getting the most air time these days:

Except for that preposterous robin’s-egg ring (Forever 21) and the sweet nest of sea glass beside it (a gift from my sister), everything here lists to the neutral side.  The Russian lacquer pins stay, not because I wear them all the time, but because they’re such a unique finishing touch when I do wear them.

Again on the top shelf, most of the pieces are neutral or muted, though a couple oft-worn eye-poppers remain.  I particularly enjoy wearing all five of those orange-beaded bracelets with a navy-and-white striped top and jeans.  Hello, Looking-Great-Without-Trying!  I know orange isn’t everyone’s idea of a versatile color, so maybe I’m only admitting how shamelessly tacky I am, but I’ve worn these bracelets with pretty much every color in my closet.  I feel cheerful when I see that citrus jolt with every move of my wrist.  (I also like turning book pages when my nails are painted, so maybe there’s a crow nesting in my brain, constantly alert for pretty things?)

Anyway, these are the pieces I’m likeliest to reach for on an average day.  I have a few other things that don’t fit the jewelry box confines–knottable long necklaces and chunky bangles, for example.  But those, too, receive only occasional wear.  I find myself migrating back toward basics after a long love affair with excess.  What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?  Let’s do both extremes: your go-to piece for completing an outfit and your favorite type of jewelry to possess in duplicate!

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  1. you are so organized it’s astounding.



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