spring stroll

For the last couple weeks I’ve been watching with a sense of mingled joy and trepidation as spring unfolds before me.  I want to feel excited at the sight of branches bearing billows of pink, purple, and white blossoms, but part of me can’t allow that excitement.  Part of me worries that it’s going to freeze one night and halt this over-eager spring in its tracks.

But now that we’re into April and haven’t had a freeze, I’m enjoying this season more and more.  Lovey and I went walking to find its classic harbingers: blooming trees…

…a cluster of daffodils…

…and, the pinnacle of springtime perfection, a lilac.  Aah, that fragrance!  It’s pungent, yet sweet.  It permeates my memories, yet only briefly offers itself in this tangible form.  I stopped here, inhaling happily.  The bumblebee over my head bobbed haphazardly from bloom to bloom, just as pleased as I.

If you ask me, stopping to smell the roses has nothing on the pleasure of stopping to smell the lilacs.  These tiny lavender stars declare it for certain: spring is here!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  April 9, 2012

    Our years in TX brought my first home without lilacs. Our first Spring there I sought to fill the void, only to learn that they do not bloom that far south. Now that we have returned to the prairie I decided the lilac would be my first purchase at the nursery. It is small but blooming and everything I remembered. : )


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