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Do you remember the canopy Shelly and I hung over Labor Day weekend?  I’m sad to report that it couldn’t stand up to spring wind.  We opened our windows and lost our drapery.  (Of course, it was secured with twist ties so I suppose its descent shouldn’t really have surprised me.)

I thought about rehanging it.  Then I thought about how difficult it was for two people to hang it under no time pressure, and how by myself, with lots of more  important things to do, I probably shouldn’t set myself up for that kind of frustration.  So I dragged all 18 feet of it out to the living room and…

…made a daybed canopy.  I think it fits the modern Moroccan theme we’re loosely interpreting in our living room.  Yeah?

Here’s a view from the hallway:

While the last time I hung this curtain with an equally improvised technique, I think the updated version has more staying power.  It’s simpler.  I used two cafe rods, twine, and cup hooks.  The cup hooks were too small to hold the rods, so I tied one long piece of twine to each rod, tying each end of the twine to one end of the rod.  Slightly outside the arms of the daybed, I screwed one hook into the ceiling near the wall and one hook about a foot farther forward.  (I bet none of this is making sense, is it?)

Anyway, I hung the twine from the hooks, which left the rods dangling horizontally like trapezes.  (Trapezes?)  There was just enough room between rod and twine to feed the fabric through.  Here’s a close-up of one end of a rod, in case it clarifies anything.

See how the string is pulled tight?  That’s because I made the twine long enough to reach from one end of the rod to the other but didn’t leave much slack.  On the other end of this rod, the twine is looped around the hook so the string can’t move from side to side.  I looped over the back hook on the left and the front hook on the right.  As you can tell, this is the professional method and you shouldn’t consider deviating from this well-thought-out plan if you undertake a similar project.

Mm-hm, right.  Let’s see how this thing holds up.  I can’t wait to take a nap here, I’ll tell you that much!

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