big cover-up

From the time I began redecorating the living room, I planned to go slowly and steadily.  In a couple months, I got this far:

Okay, in this picture all you can see is that I edited the palette of my colorful pillow collection.  I also painted the bookshelves red, reorganized the books, and bought a new entryway lamp.  Overall the effect is noticeable, but it isn’t dramatic.

The other day I was skimming through a decorating book–I think it was The Perfectly Imperfect Home–and the author bluntly stated that people leave pattern out of their decor and then wonder why it doesn’t look coherent.  (lightbulb!)

It just so happened that I had a sarong I thought might be able to stand in as the unifying patterned piece.

I have trouble committing to patterns because they always strike me as too busy.  But I can live with this one.  The wavering lines have a little playfulness to them–they’re not crisply preppy but they do have appealing contrast.

So what do you think?  Is pattern the trick?  How many patterns have you used in your decor?  Some people seem able to pile it on with abandon, while others (like me) need a prod to try even one.  That said, I’m so pleased with the effect of this little patch of pattern that I’m trying to decide how far I can go before I tip the balance too far in the other direction!

More to come in living room news…there’s another little project in the works.

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