sayonara to snowflakes

The calendar officially declares, “Spring!” but it’s not warm enough for sandals yet.  Brave little shoots are pushing up; eager little blossoms are starting to show; but we have to admit anything could happen.  It could freeze.  It could be in the 70s for a week.  The nice thing about a home is that inside it I get to declare my own climate.  In here it’s warm.  If the day is nice, we open all the windows and it’s breezy.  (Does anyone else just completely adore the way a light curtain swings in the breeze?)  It’s time to say sayonara to snowflakes.

My sister made these for me this winter and shipped them in an envelope that included handprint art from my baby niece.  Aw….  So it’s not truly, “Farewell;” it’s more like, “See you next year.”  I’ve laid these delicate cutouts flat in hopes of bringing them out again when I decorate for Christmas 2012.

In their place now blooms a branch of (silk) forsythia.

I don’t know what to say except that for some reason I am bananas for yellow lately.  Actually it’s been over a year now.  I used to avoid it but now I can’t get enough.

Wait, that’s probably not right.  It would be more accurate to say I have yet to grow tired of yellow accents.  Something so bright requires moderation, I think.  For now the forsythia brims cheer in my direction each time I glance at it.  (I can see it from my desk as I type this.)

Next time I’ll show you what became of the lemons in the white bowl on the bottom shelf.  Prepare yourself: it’s puckery!

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