like petite poppies

These tiny orange ranunculus remind me of poppies.  They share that vivid color and those tissue-thin petals, all in diminutive size.  So sweet!  When I first brought them home, I plunked them in a pitcher.

Before long, the weight of the blooms started to bend the stems, some so severely that no water could get through and they started to wilt.  I recut the stems, snipping off the kinked ones.  Some of those ended up very short.  I didn’t want to toss them; the flowers still looked gorgeous.  I made a centerpiece with them instead of throwing them away.

Fast forward a few more days.  The pitcher population was dwindling and the stems needed another cut.  So this time I transferred the bouquet to a wooden vase that looks larger than it is.  The water reservoir is a removable plastic insert.  It was the perfect size for my remaining bunch.

I love having flowers in my apartment.  I do all I can to make them last!  Do you have any tricks for prolonging your enjoyment of fresh flowers?  Someday I’ll have a garden and I’ll bring in a new bouquet often.  For now it’s geraniums on the balcony….

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