favorite breakfast

Do you go through food phases?  Wanting to drink only sweet tea for a whole summer,  eat only carbs for a whole week, eat only cereal for breakfast–anything like that?  Usually I crave variety and grow bored, if not downright annoyed, with repetition.

Not so my hubby.  He is the steadiest person I know.  He will eat a box of cereal every week or so because it’s his breakfast e.v.e.r.y. morning.  Me?  My cereal lasts a month or more because I like to space out my bowlish breakfasts with scrambled eggs, PopTarts (I know, I know), fruit and yogurt, granola bars, toast, and this:

For some reason this has yet to grow old.  And there’s a little trick to it.  Want to learn?

Okay, here’s the thing.  I have never been a successful egg-flipper.  I break the yolk; I mar the edge; I fold the thing in two and can’t get it unstuck.  It’s always something.  So now, I think outside the frying pan (and into the microwave).

One pretty egg goes in a non-stick-sprayed ramekin, spends 20 seconds getting set in its ways (i.e. cooked into a circle), and then–only then–goes sliding out into the warm skillet, also swirled with non-stick spray.

The egg holds its shape (90-something % of the time).  While it finishes cooking I sprinkle it with salt and pepper.  Then onto a toasted bagel it goes, with a slice of cheddar or Colby Jack to bring it home.  De-licious.  I’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (Once, two of those in the same day.  Only once; I promise.)

Do you have a go-to sandwich?  If it’s a breakfast sandwich, I’m particularly interested.

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  1. natalie

     /  March 8, 2012

    My favorite is very close to yours. Egg whites, Mexican blended cheese, asparaguses! mmmm. The combination of it all makes me so happy!!

  2. I, too, like to eat PopTarts for some breakfasts! What’s your preferred variety? I like the frosted-and-sprinkled strawberry and blueberry kinds. I also like the cinnamon-brown sugar kind; mmmmm, sugar!

    Go-to sandwiches: Two eggs, gently scrambled, sandwiched between two buttered wheat toasts. (So simple, but so, SO tasty.) Tuna with herbed goat cheese on wheat or seeded rye, especially when toasted/grilled/panini-pressed. Smoked/oven-roasted turkey breast with dilled Havarti and (yes!) fresh pico de gallo on an asiago cheese bun/bagel. Each of these sandwiches has been breakfast for me at least once! 🙂

    • My favorite PopTarts are the cinnamon brown sugar ones. Sometimes I get strawberry. I love your scrumptious sandwich ideas. The turkey-with-Havarti-etc sounds particularly delightful!

  3. Cayla

     /  March 12, 2012

    My favorite non-sandwich breakfast is like your friend Natalie’s: roasted asparagus spears (either pan-cooked or oven-roasted) topped with poached or fried eggs–the soft yolks make a beautiful sauce for the asparagus! (Like Hollandaise, just simplified)


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