a purse-onal question

What’s in your wallet?  Or bag?  Or clutch?  My little stash of must-haves lost its home recently, so I’m going to lay it all out for you here in a second.

This was my main squeeze this winter but the other day when I was out, the zipper broke!  (sniff)  I didn’t need to carry a bag this large for my humble assortment of sundries, but I only have bags in two sizes: excessive and restrictive.  I haven’t found that literal happy medium yet.  Anyway, here’s my little heap of grown-up security blanket:

The Band-Aid and hair clip are not purse regulars; they just happened to be in the mix when I emptied my bag.  But I am growing out my hair and I did have a nasty knife wound from careless bread-cutting….  Let’s not dwell there, shall we?

So here’s the poor, broken purse, gaping open as if to showcase its leopard lining one last time:

Oh, how I will miss your perfectly-planned pockets: one for my phone, one for Bics and bobby pins, one exactly the right size for a book or planner, one with a zipper for those things no one needs to see when I reach for my wallet.  You were a good purse, always by my side.  I will remember your good looks but more importantly, your steadfast service.  May you meet someone with excellent repair skills.

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  1. Diana Fahrenholtz

     /  March 6, 2012

    So sad! I can see why you loved this purse. Perhaps you can find another with your Bday gift. Happy Birthday, sweet Maria!


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