sweet & spicy skillet jumble

I found this recipe for Sweet & Spicy Sweet Potatoes.  Though the title left something to be desired, the idea sounded yummy, so I tried it.  Something went wrong.  The potato chunks were mostly blackened, and not in the better-and-fancier way, à la blackened salmon or burnt ends.  No, these potatoes would have looked at home in the rubble of Pompeii.  Hubby and I even ate a couple tentative bites and confirmed with our tastebuds what our eyes had already told us: potatoes wasted.  Sooo sad….  (I hate to waste food!)

But I wasn’t ready to give up.  I gave the recipe another shot, following the directions more closely this time, and it turned out much better.  I think I got a little gung-ho on the sugar last time, so this time I measured exactly.  Not only that, but I roasted the potatoes for just over 20 minutes instead of the full 30, and for the last 10 I reduced the heat from 425 degrees to 375.  Then I jumbled them up with all this:

That’s beef sausage, a yellow bell pepper, and green onions.  Add sweet & spicy ‘taters and ba-da-bing: dinner!  We had some snow peas with a smidge of sesame oil and salt alongside.  Hearty winter fare if ever there was any.

What do you serve with sweet potatoes?  I could use some more inspiration, because I find their sweetness difficult to pair.  I’m not a big fan of sweet vegetables; they just seem peculiar alongside meat and grain.  That said, I did find a recipe that redeemed cooked carrots.  Try this one!

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