red as my beating heart

What’s red and red and red all over?  I bet you can figure it out….  They started out this fake wood color:

That’s right–bookshelves!  We have two in the living room.  (They’re Besta from Ikea, in case you care.)  The “beech effect” was only one of five different wood tones in our living room.  I’m all about mismatch–I hate the slick all-from-one-set look because, hello, I live in a home, not a furniture store–but that many tones clearly broadcasts the message: “This room is composed of hand-me-downs!”  Which is mostly true; I’m not ashamed of it.  I just thought it could look better…red, of course.

I got a little hasty, though.  I decided I didn’t need to sand the smooth shelf surfaces before painting them.  As you can see, the glossy paint had a hard time adhering to the textureless shelf.  I fully covered every area, but after a few minutes the paint would pull away, leaving those bare places that almost look like distressing.  (Please note that the color is way off from reality in this photo, despite my attempts to edit it.  I think I mentioned we really need better lighting in the living room?  So true.)

But there’s good news.  A second coat left the shelves 100% red.

Then there’s more bad news.  The paint still wasn’t truly stuck the way it should have been.  When we set things on the shelf they kind of wrinkle the paint.  If you pick up the object again, there’s a mark where it was sitting.  So it will soon be back to square one.  But it doesn’t matter to me, because I got the instant gratification of seeing how the finished project will look.  I’ll do it all over again to get back to this:

That lamp is the next thing I hope to change.  I’m on the hunt for a replacement, but a good lamp is hard to find….

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 15, 2012

    I guess we can just suffer through some thrift store shopping next time we get together. 😀

  2. Yes, such toil and tears…. I can’t wait!

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